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The Mischief Empire (ME) is a deviant multi-MMO 18+ guild that is actively playing STAR WARS: The Old Republic (SWTOR) on The Ebon Hawk server. This guildsite is primarily for darkside imperial snobs who are militantly casual & fun-loving but, we have a republic guild as well. A passion for tomfoolery is a requirement for applicants but, a quality acceptance of shenanigans & adult humor may be considered.

To learn more about our community visit our official listing!

Those of you looking for the complaint department should be informed that it was renovated for our new intergalactic roller-rink. We moved what was left of that particular division (files and such) into a storage trailor that seems to have gone missing. Check back in a few decades if your matter is urgent. Otherwise, chin up and put on your big-kid pants.

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First to Reach Legacy Level 50!

by -Poet, 2308 days ago

Please congratulate Buz (Yrdach, Ard'uthar, Jyhtarhn, Kardaenma) on dinging


He just won SWTOR and is the first Mischief-maker or Dark Templar to reach this monumental goal. We're so proud of his achievement. Great job buddy!

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June Jamboree

by -Poet, 2323 days ago

June Jamboree

Hello all you fine-feathered socially maladjusted Mischief-makers and random interweb spawn. I know that many of you have been waiting patiently for the ludicrously late June Mischief news article. Well to say it was a busy month would be a gross understatement so, I'm not going to apologize for my tardiness.

First, Mischief was forced to leave Sanctum of the Exalted in an underhanded passive aggressive and poorly communicated server merger ploy by BioWare. They gave us the "option" to stay on our old ghost-town server but, along with other major guilds of SotE, we felt it was best to join the quickly growing super-community on The Ebon Hawk. So we packed up our crap and moved on.

Sadly, many of us lost our character names in the process. We also had to wait over a week to get our guildbank restored but, ultimately these sacrifices were the right choice for Mischief. We're enjoying a massive GTN market here and mustering groups is nearly instantaneous with this huge pool of players. It was a rough undertaking but, the quality of our in-game life has vastly improved. We've also had a nice influx of new members to boot.

That's really the major story in June. Mischief-makers have been settling in to our new home and aggressively making new friends.

We had a few fun events in June including but, in no way limited to...

...Co-ed naked-drunken "Fight Club" in Kaas City...

Forum Image

...Lighting our farts on fire during raid musters...

Forum Image

...Oh and this happened...

Forum Image

Forum Image

Some other notable junk occurred in June, like the 1.3 patch release but, all that is behind us now. We're well into Mischief's July Jubilation already so, I'm keeping this article brief because I want to get back to playing the game!

-Poet /out

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Mischief has moved to The Ebon Hawk!

by -Poet, 2352 days ago

Mischief has moved to The Ebon Hawk server!

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Sanctum of the Exalted but, Mischief's management believes the best future for our members is to join the aggressively growing and vibrant community on The Ebon Hawk server. BioWare decided to put SotE to rest when making it a source server and essentially decimating the community and market there so, transferring was the obvious choice.

Our members are taking this opportunity to transfer to The Ebon Hawk for free. Their guild tag and rank will be reinstated on the other side.

(Simply type "/who Mischie". Then press the magnifying glass search button to find a member who can /ginvite you.)

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May Mayhem

by -Poet, 2360 days ago

May Mayhem

Well June's here but, as you know, we at Mischief HQ like to put out a monthly newsletter to document the guild's tomfoolery.

Once again it's been an exciting month. We've been busily hammering away at the buttons on our keyboards like monkeys and started out May with the acquisition of many +10 datacrons.

Forum Image

I feel I should report our progress impartially so, my next section will begin on an embarrassing down note. Contrary to popular belief, it's not all popsicle-gum and bubble-sticks here at Mischief. With our HARDMODE elitist jerks raiding with fresh 50s once a week during our casual Story Mode runs, we tend to deal with our fair share of crying when simple things don't go to plan (Listen to all of the tasty drama here).

Now for the upswing. Feelings have mended and we're back to kicking ass and taking names. To combat our ubers chastising raiding blunders in the future, we've appointed a fresh Raid Leader who's going to chorale morale and keep things festively fun. The seriocity in which we've been clearing content is going to continue but, now we're splitting our rosters by assigning different nights for Story Mode and HARDMODE content. It pleases me tremendously to finally announce, Serina (AKA: Nails) as Mischief's official officer of officiating official raiding crap. I trust that he'll continue our tradition of awesomehood as we venture into Explosive Conflict this month after clearing Eternity Vault & Karagga's Palace in May.

Forum Image

Did I mention we cleared HARDMODE EV on our very first run this month? Oh yea, baby... That happened.

Forum Image

Our raiding crew was also very focused on killing world bosses for magenta crystal schematics. It is imperative that pink pew-pews are to be had by all who need them.

Forum Image

PM Nails to get added to one of our raiding rosters.

Well enough on raiding. Let's focus on PVP for a moment. At the beginning of the month Mischief promoted our huttball MVP to full fledged officership. Starks may be a crackhead but, he's beastmode and passionate about warzones. In attempt to improve the play of Imperials on our server our PVP crew decided to open up our Warzone Ventrilo rooms to guests.

PM Starks to get on one of our pre-made PVP rosters.

Now that the recruitment business is out of the way we need to address a very important shenannigorial discovery. The fearless Lucasian-Spielbergian archeologists of Mischief have uncovered holes in the fabric of time and space around various corners of the galaxy. What do these holes mean? Are they portals to new game content, gateways to other dimensions, or simply phenomena of the unexplainable? As this mystery unravels we'll keep you up to date but, our researchers are looking for any assistance that can be offered. Please reply if you have information that might help explain the following screenshots.

WARNING: The following visual content may be disturbing to some viewers. Close this thread immediately if you are persnickety.

Forum Image
Forum Image
Forum Image

That's all for now, folks!
Poet /out

Forum Image
...but let's face it. After the stunt they pulled in April the droids deserved a little humilitization.

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April Anarchy

by -Poet, 2394 days ago

Holy crap! Is it May already?!?!

I’m still recovering from April Anarchy.

Last month was a ‘biggun for lil’ol Mischief. We appointed an additional officer, solidified some alliances, had dramallamas try to start guild wars, and invented a handful of delightfully time-consuming social games.

All that and I have not begun to mention the major milestones we passed without a second glance. We just blew right by the 100 member mark. We dominated raid zones. We bought and filled a huge guildbank. And to top it off, Cryscha dinged 50. Obviously we knew we were going to be big and clear endgame content but, nobody ever saw that Cryscha one coming.

Look out uberites. There’s a new slave-girl in 50s town! She’s kickin’ ass, chewin’ bubblegum, and looking dead-sexeh!

Forum Image

You know, since I'm up here posting screenshots, I'd also like to do a pictorial introduction of our new officer, Naval. Or is he a Naval officer?... Naval officer, Naval?...

I digress.

Some of my favorite April Anarchy moments involved, Naval, our new lord of awesomeliciousness. Like when our raiding roster formed a naked conga line, getting pumped up for our first domination of the Eternity Vault.

Forum Image

Forum Image

I also felt it was perfectly timed and quite tastefully executed when Naval took his shirt off in the middle of Malarous’ impromptu srs’biz’for’the’reals’guize in-game wedding.

Forum Image

And who will ever forget playing “Yank the Stoned Naval” when the carbonite probe buggered him in KP?

Forum Image

Forum Image

Forum Image

After that Jarg and Sorno simply never had a chance against Mischief’s bodacity. Too bad all they dropped was trash.

Forum Image

Well that was just a taste of April Anarchy here in the Mischief Empire. I know that this upcoming month will be chalked full of the same wonderful boobery. Heck, May is only two days in and and with them we've adopted fresh faces and new fun-filled mischief.

For instance my dear friend Starks joined us recently. He invented the oh-so-addictive “Bank Fishing” game. Fishing has become one of Mischief’s favorite pastimes.

Forum Image

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